Core Pieces

“…to the end of my life, it remained endlessly useful (一生受用不尽).” – Juzhi (俱胝) (circa. 9th Century AD)

Fundamentals are inexhaustible, and in themselves represent a paradox; you won’t get better at the auxiliaries if your basics are weak, but the better you get at your basics, the more the auxiliaries seem superfluous.

What reconciles them together quite neatly is the understanding that what is regarded as advanced is more often than not just a variation of the fundamentals. They’re really not different things.

I’ve chosen a few pieces which I feel provide a good summary of the techniques, themes and nuances of the brush writing and paintings of the 12-15th Centuries, for which I’ve included slightly more detailed annotations.

*Please note that the core pieces are merely intended as a convenient visual summary of what comes out of my studio. The entire range of pieces available is significantly more extensive, and will shortly be available for viewing in a series of themed catalogues which will be posted on this website. Do drop me a message if you’d like to be alerted when they’re posted.