Brush Artist

Self-portrait 《自我画像》(2017)

My name is Stan, and by way of brief introduction, I’m a brush-writer, water-and-ink painter and poet focused on the monastic works of the 12th to the 15th Centuries.

I currently write and paint under the sobriquet Shede (舍得, literally, “Discard Attain), derived from the name of my studio, Shede-an (舍得庵). It alludes to a quote from a 7th Century text (“安不舍彼乎,能不得此乎”, lit. “how could one not discard that, and can one afford not to attain this”), and speaks of the inevitably of trade-offs in life.


The archaic characters for “Shede (舍得)”, rendered in a stylized form. “She” (on the right) is symbolically pictured as a person discarding something, in this case an ambiguous white dot. “De” on the left is reaching up, attempting to catch it.


Whilst the original was specific as to what was being discarded and what was being attained, I prefer to leave it open to let each person insert his own private meanings.